The long-awaited release of Youngspell has finally arrived.

Finally, own your own copy of the much-anticipated first book of the Youngspell series.

Description: Laken Stone is on a mission. She must collect the three key potion ingredients her grandmother needs to become the next Queen of Faylon. To find them and complete her quest, Laken must cross two kingdoms, face off with legendary monsters, and overcome her own self-doubts.

As she progresses, Laken comes to realize that her quest is a less-than-honorable one but, with lives on the line, she must continue.

Should she succeed, she may subject her home kingdom to the horrors of her grandmother’s tyrannical ambitions.

Should she fail, her own dreams of being free of her grandmother’s cruel guardianship might never come true.

“There is a spell in here that renews youth. I remember my mother using it when she was about my age. Now, it is my turn.” Juliana flipped through the pages and found the one she wanted. She pointed to the title. “Here it is, see?”

Laken read the spell’s name aloud. “Youngspell.”

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About J. Rae Moore

Writer of MG and YA fantasy. Reader. Often confused.
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