Days of the Week

Monday is a strong, rough man with muscled arms and a strong back. He gets up before the sun and eats breakfast as he drives his truck to work. Purpose-driven and purpose minded, Monday sees each day of the week as an opportunity to get his job done and another one started. He goes to bed each night with aching bones but the fulfillment of a job well done.untitle987d

Tuesday is a busy mom—all lists and schedules and to-dos. It is full speed ahead from sun-up to sun-down for this pony-tail wearing beauty. She prepares meals in advance. She irons her husband’s shirts and makes sure he’s set for work. She drives her kids to school, practice, and friends’ houses, running errands as she goes. She organizes, relocates, and cleans in the little pockets of time that most of us relax. She doesn’t slow down until each rug rat is tucked into bed and she hears her husband snoring. This is her favorite time of the day. This is when she’s able to stop and take a breath. When all is quiet, Tuesday pokes her head into each of her family members’ rooms and as love fills her heart, she finds the strength to face another day.PS_20150410155800

They call her Wednesday because she’s a breath of fresh air. Neither too cheery nor too dreary, Wednesday is the perfect balance of eagerness and reluctance. She’s an older woman with the beauty of age and the heart of a grandmother. She gets her job done with a set determination yet, she’ll let you know that she’s not to pleased when she has to fix another’s hurried mistakes. She’s kind to the homeless vet yet suspicious of the homeless teen. She’s comfortable without being overly hospitable and doesn’t like those who overstay their welcome. She’s loyal to those she loves. PS_20150410160056

His name is Thursday. He’s a big guy with stubble on his face and a leather wallet. He’s able to lighten the mood no matter how bad things seem. He has a friendly smile and an easy laugh. When Thursday’s in the room, you’d better be on your toes because he’s only a heartbeat away from the next joke. He’s looking forward to the weekend and making plans. He enjoys a cold beer after work and hanging out with his buddies. Thursday’s a hoot.


Friday is an athlete pumped up for the big game. He eagerly checks his watch every five minutes and stares out the window. He’s never still, always bouncing a leg or tapping a finger. He’s got a lot of friends and a lot of people that want to be his friend. He wears rich colors in comfortable fashions. Denim and cotton are his materials of choice. He’s nice to everyone but often doesn’t notice the quiet ones in the corners.PS_20150410161008

If you are wondering about Saturday, he’s kind of a moody sloth. He likes to sleep in late and watch cartoons while eating cereal and lounging in his living room. The day starts slow for him but once he’s up and going, he can be quite productive. If he’s in the mood, Saturday’s the guy you see mowing his lawn, washing his car, cleaning his gutters, or coaching a youth soccer team. He’s out having fun with his friends or flying a kite. If he’s not in the mood, he’s the dude you see wearing pj pants at one in the afternoon at the grocery store.PS_20150410161252

Sunday is a pair of identical twins. Twin One gets up early with a song in her heart and a swing in her stride. She wears her hair in a bun and adorns it with butterfly clips. Her twin’s in bed late, sleeping off the party from the night before. Twin Two grumbles as she gets ready for the day, running her fingers through her loose and wavy hair. When they look at each other, each twin is puzzled by the other. “So different than me,” they both say. Twin One would die for her sister as would Twin Two for hers. For all the ways they’re different, they recognize that in more ways, they’re the same.PS_20150410162353

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Writer of MG and YA fantasy. Reader. Often confused.
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  1. That was creative…. and Wednesday suits me to a T.


  2. tundewrites says:

    Quite innovative there.. Well done

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