Never lose hope.


Even through all the rejections and trials, there’s still a glimmer of hope. That’s what I find keeps me going…keeps me writing. There are days that still get me down. Those are the days I think about giving up. I lived without writing before. I’m sure I could live without it again. Then, I’m drawn back to the typewriter with a new idea or a way to improve an old one. I can’t give this up. What if the next one is The One.

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2 Responses to Never lose hope.

  1. Janet Smart says:

    Hi, J. Rae. Sometimes I feel like giving up, too. But, then something happens that keeps me going. Congratulations on your winning first place! This past summer I got first place in the children’s division of the WV Writer’s Contest with my MG manuscript, Duck and Cover. It was a while before I stopped smiling.


    • J. Rae Moore says:

      Congratulations, Janet on your success. Also, it is good to know there are other authors out there who feel like I do at times. May your future be blessed with more ups than downs, and keep smiling.


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