Different Writing Styles

Different Writing Styles

So, I know I am not a pro, but I’ve been around others of my type (writers) long enough now to notice we all have a certain style. Also, as a life-long reader, I have read books of each style. Although many writers float between several different styles, here’s a sampling of the writing styles I’ve run across.

THE WORD WIZARD- Everything the word wizard writes is magic. Beautiful words seem to flow from their fingers as their story wafts into existence. These writers use a lot of description and their magical works make their readers feel as if they’d been dropped into a whole other world from sentence number one.wizard_animated

THE CONVERSATION BUFF – With a fast-paced tone relying mostly on heavy dialogue, these writers have a sort of ‘screen-writer style.’ These writers rely on minimum description, trusting their readers to paint the manuscript’s environment according to their own experiences and imaginations.giphy

THE MARATHONER – If writing were a race, these are the runners you’d see in the front of the pack with a fast steady pace. These writers plot and write knowing the finish line is a long way away. They drop just enough hints throughout their text to keep their readers intrigued and looking for more. These novelists are your writers of epic stories that go far beyond the word count norms.running_man

THE SPRINTER – These writers get an idea and run with it – and it shows in their manuscripts. Their stories tend to be fast-paced with hardly a moment to catch your breath. Exciting, imaginative, and addictive, this style of writing appeals to adventure-loving and adrenaline-addicted readers.

Myname isearl

THE METICULOUS PLANNER – Patience is the key when writing or reading a novel written at an even, constant flow. Giving the reader plenty of time to know each character, understand every action, and appreciate every turn, this writer has meticulously planned every detail of these stories and is in no rush to get to the finish line.


THE NOTE TAKER – Sticky notes, notebooks, scraps of paper, and even the palms of their hands have aided many a note-taking writer. Note-takers tend to notice the little details in their daily lives that strike them as a good story idea or addition to their writing. Some note-takers manage to keep their tendencies to jot organized, but most fall into the next category.


THE CHAOTIC CREATIVE BRAIN – DO NOT TOUCH anything on the messy desk of a writer. Although the jumbled chaos strewn across the desktop may look like a mess to some, to the writer in mid-work it is a systematic filing system in which everything has a place. Sure, said writer may have to shuffle through several piles to find the exact item they’re looking for, but they will find it. And, in the end, their story magically comes together quite impressively.clean-desk

THE PROCRASTINATOR – usually this would not be considered a writing style but I have included it in this list because sometimes procrastinating is a way to deal with the big bad ‘B.’ (that is writers’ block with a capitol ‘B’.) Sometimes it takes time to chisel through the big bad ‘B’ and time away from the problem to gather the ideas to think through it. As long as the procrastination does not rule their writing life, letting things sit for a while allow the procrastinator to come back and write an even better story.


I am sure there are more styles of writers. I invite you to add any others I may have left out to this list. As for me, I fall into several different categories. When I get an idea, I plan, outline, and strategize before I type a word, then I set that aside and let the story flow. I write long epic fantasy with a balanced amount of description. During a period of dedicated writing, my desk overflows with notebooks, scraps of paper, and multi-colored pens that just make me happy. When I am stuck on something within my story, I’ll flip over to Frozen Free-fall, or get on twitter, or watch youtube. I find the change in thinking helps me overcome the big bad ‘B.’ So I guess I’d be a meticulous planner, note-taker, chaotic creative brain, Marathoner, and a procrastinator.

I believe there is no wrong way to write. As long as the writer is getting words down, there is going to be an end product. So, which kind of writer are you?franz-kafka-quotes-sayings-non-writing-writer-insanity

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Writer of MG and YA fantasy. Author of nothing. Reader. Often confused.
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5 Responses to Different Writing Styles

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  2. I fall a little into several categories as well, but I think I’m closest to the Chaotic Creative Brain. My desk is an organized mess. Thank you for this post.

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  3. Ranting Crow says:

    I will need to read this great post just to see if I fit anywhere at all.


  4. Likely ‘A Sprinter’! Thanks or the D/M. My blog: thefinalcurtain1.wordpress.com – the latest at goo.gl/J8pizs – My website: goo.gl/nqdjPB – My best wishes and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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  5. MG WELLS says:

    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the day.

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